Pressure Mats
Pressure Mats
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Pressure sensitive mats are usually used in houses or shops as an alarm device. There are a variety of alarm systems available for safeguarding your home. You need to consider some specific points before making the purchase. Perimeter backup refers to any glass door or window in your home. The alarm system serves the basic purpose of saving your family or protecting the people residing in the house. It is a vital part of a comprehensive home safety system. A great home alarm will deter thieves from breaking in to your house and fleeing with valuables by conducting a break in.

The most critical element of an alarm device is the sensor. The sensor plays the crucial role by sensing the indoor and outdoor activities and relays it back to the main control panel. Pressure sensors are one of the security devices easily obtained from the market. It adds an additional security to the windows and doors. Pressure sensor mats are hidden under the flooring or under the carpet at the base of the entrance. The weight of an individual sets the alarm off. This device is used in houses for basic safekeeping purposes.

A closed or an open circuit is used in most of the alarm systems. In an open circuit the principle is slightly different. The connection between the alarm system and the power source is not made at all. The alarm system is activated by a movement which completes the link and activates the alarm. There can be two conductive steel plates those are positioned separately by nonconductive compressible dividers. Each mat is pre-wired and attached with other mats in a series forming a flooring and guarding the unsafe area. When the circuit is activated the alarm goes off.

The theory of the device is reversed in the closed circuit structure. A continuous flow of electricity stops the alarm from buzzing. Any movement like opening a window or identifying a motion in the given field breaks the connection. Sensing the absence of electricity activates the alarm.

Open circuit structures are mainly adopted in most of the pressure sensitive device. A soft rug or pad is designed to cover the pressure plate consisting of two sections of metal placed a little apart. The metal sections join if someone steps on the pad and then set off the alarm. There are options of fine tuning the alarm so that they get activated only by a certain amount of weight. This helps to prevent children and pets from generating false alarms. The pressure sensor principle is used for different purposes. Pressure pads are used by many stores. They place it in front of the doors so that the door automatically opens when a buyer walks in.
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